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Retirement Plan Options

Helping your employees achieve their retirement goals is one way in which your business, organization, union or government entity can attract and retain top talent. We offer a full range of products and services for defined benefit/pension, defined contribution and nonqualified deferred compensation plans of all sizes. Our flexible service models, product offerings and investment options can help provide you with the solutions that can help meet your needs.

Defined Benefit Plans

Commonly known as pension plans, defined benefit plans provide employees with a fixed benefit upon retirement that is typically dependent on salary, length of employment and age at retirement. Whether you are looking for a fully bundled, semi-bundled, or investment-only approach to plan service, or you are looking for a provider that can combine services for both defined contribution and defined benefit plans, our service model provides you with the flexibility you need to help achieve and maintain the goals you set for your plans. We can assist you whether your plan is active, frozen, or terminating.

Defined Contribution Plans

Defined Contribution plans are company-, organization-, union-, or government-sponsored retirement savings plans that are designed to help people retire on their own terms. The most common defined contribution plan is the 401(k), a company-sponsored, tax-deferred retirement savings plan. Growth in these plans typically depends on employee and/or employer contributions and investment selections. Companies of all sizes may offer them as a way to both attract and retain employees by helping them save for retirement. We offer a full range of services across a broad range of markets and products, which allows us to deliver flexible, needs-based solutions.

Non-Profit Plans

If you represent a non-profit or other type of tax-exempt organization, we have options available that may support your organization’s retirement plan needs. We recognize the many challenges and nuances you face in managing your tax-exempt organization’s retirement plan. Whether you represent healthcare, a private non-profit or higher education entity, or a credit union, church, association or the government, we help bring tailored total retirement solutions to the table. We can offer a breadth of options to your organization, including 403(b), 401(k), 401(a), 457, defined benefit and non-qualified plan options.

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans

Competitive benefits packages can help attract, reward and retain key employees. A Non-qualified deferred compensation plan can help highly paid executives fill the gap between their pre- and post-retirement incomes. Non-qualified deferred compensation plans are a good fit for closely held organizations that may need a benefit to attract key non-shareholder employees.

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